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How Rental Prices Are Determined

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Pricing is the most asked question we get from customers looking to rent inflatables. We also get asked about other companies pricing and how they compare to our own. With so many companies out there it gets very confusing once you have been on 4-5 websites and you are trying to narrow down what item and price point you want to be at.

Industry standard is to price items where you can make back your initial purchase price in 10-15 rentals. This in the way we price 90% of our items and it has worked great for us. This pricing system allows the customer to get a fair price but also leave enough profit so we can operate our business and keep inventory rotated with new items. Most of the legitimate companies in NWA follow this same model and you will notice the pricing is very similar across the board with each company.

The only place where we do not follow this model is with our Obstacle Courses. If we were to price them according to the industry standard the rental price would be around $500/day. We purposely price these items lower to allow our churches and schools to have multiple items events without being totally out of their budget. This is where we have focused the most as a company. We enjoy building strong relationships with our churches and schools to pull off great events at reasonable prices.

We also have customers ask about companies they find on Facebook marketplace advertising for lower prices and why they are cheaper. The main two reasons they are cheaper is because of lack of insurance and buying used equipment for a lower initial cost. These companies are normally buying items that are 5-10years old that has been sold from a larger companies inventory when they get finished using them. Normally these inflatables are still usable but will show signs of wear and the vinyl colors will not look as bright and shiny from being in the sun for all those years.

I hope this helps answer some questions. We try and be very transparent with our customers and let you have the most information at your disposal to make your decision. Give us a call if you have any other questions or would like to get a reservation setup.


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