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Product Spotlight: Castle Combo

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

We have been thinking of new ways we can help our customers pick that perfect item to rent for their parties! We thought it might be helpful to have a more detailed look at some of our most popular inflatables. With these product spotlight blog posts we will show some more detailed pictures and explain some features you might miss by glancing over the product image on the inventory page.

The Castle Combo has been a staple item of ours since the second year we were in business. We are actually on the 3rd and about to purchase the 4th Castle Combo at some point this year. This bounce house gets used around 80-100 times a year so we try and keep it on a 2 year product rotation. Once the bounce house reaches around 2 years old we just sell it off and purchase a new one. This is the secret to always having new looking bounce houses that everyone enjoys having at their party.

The Castle Combo features 2 basketball hoops. One inside and one outside on the right side of the bounce house. The main benefit to renting a combo bounce house is it can entertain kids for a long time. Not only can they jump around but they can also slide and play basketball. The Castle Combo is our most popular rental. Are you ready to let your kids try it out at your next party?

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