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Insurance and Licensing

All of our inflatables are state inspected annually and we are fully insured.

Setup and Delivery

We can setup on most surfaces except for rock and gravel.

Free delivery to most of the Northwest Arkansas cities on I-49

We are unable to setup in the rain and winds exceeding 15mph due to safety concerns.

Our weekend schedule normally consists of deliveries happening between 8am-2pm. Teardown happening between 4pm-8pm. The earlier you can get your job in our schedule the better times for delivery and teardown we will have open. Just let us know what time your party will be between so we can find the best times still open in the schedule. We will try to accommodate last minute jobs but often times it is hard for us to schedule the times you would like because they are already taken. 

Weekend Rentals

Due to a large portion of our jobs being School/Church/Corporate events we do not do all weekend rentals. If you need a rental for the entire weekend there is some companies in the area that can handle that for you. Since most the events we do happen within a 3-5 hr window we have our business setup to do delivery and teardown on the same day to provide the highest level of service to these types of events. We find that many parents also enjoy the same day service that we specialize in for their home parties. 

Inclement Weather / Cancellation Policy

We will keep an eye on the weather and contact you the day before your event to talk about options if inclement weather is in the forecast for your event. We can cancel or reschedule your event at no cost to you. We understand the weather is unpredictable and try to stay as flexible as possible when weather causes issues. 

If something comes up and you need to cancel we understand. Please be considerate and let us know as soon as possible so we can make your inflatable available for another event.


 Power Supply

This is the responsibility of the customer. We require 3 prong outlets within 100ft of the location of the inflatable. The power outlets on your home or shop is normally acceptable. 

If power is not available we have generators we can rent you for your event. This will allow you to place the inflatable wherever you would like with no worries about power outlets. 

Deposits and Payment

We do not require deposits for reservations. We just ask you to please be considerate and wait to reserve until know you for sure that you want to have a item reserved. 

We normally just do payment when we see you at your house setting up. 


Our business phone number is Michael's (owner) personal cell phone number. (479) 270-9982. Our number one priority is proper communication. This is what has set us apart from other companies in the area. Feel free to text or call and we can answer questions and concerns very quickly. Please understand after 5pm any non urgent communication will be returned the next morning. 

Our #1 goal is to make the rental process as easy and simple as possible. The majority of our customers end up being repeat customers that use us every year. A lot of our customers just save our number in their phone and text us the details about the next party they have coming up without even having to call. 

Choosing the Right Company

The most critical part of the rental process for the customer is choosing the right company to work with. We hope that company will be us but we understand sometimes someone else might have that specific item you have your eye on! Please understand the worst way to shop for the inflatable company to work with is solely on price. The market is saturated with companies offering cheap rentals that show up with very old and worn out inflatables. Please do your research when choosing a rental company. We want to see your party/event to turn out great no matter who you decide to work with. 

Why Is There No Online Booking on Your Site? 

We have been in this business for a long time serving NWA. We have noticed over the years the #1 complaint people have using other companies in the area is miscommunications using their online booking systems. The system does not take into account many variables that come with scheduling inflatables. Just because a specific item is open and not rented out that day does not mean the company has the time in the schedule to get the delivery done when you would like. We solve this problem by not using an automated system and only taking reservations once we can verify our schedule can handle your party or event for the items and times you choose. 

Delivery Charges

We very rarely charge delivery fees for most the jobs that we do. Once the job is 45min or greater drive from our shop we start charging small delivery fees that are enough to help cover the extra fuel we are using. Just send us your information and we can get a quote over to you very quickly. 

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